Eric Small has been creating beautiful, high quality and highly functional kitchens for homeowners, developers and businesses all around the globe for over 25 years instinctively knowing how to marry his two passions, art and good design. The root of Eric’s design process is in the arts, having received his bachelor’s degree in art with a concentration  in painting. While in college Eric was hired by a local kitchen company to hand draw kitchens and a new passion emerged. Learning that design, kitchen design, can and should be an art form he was eager to see how he could catapult his art into a new industry. This passion has taken him all over the world, including Chicago, New York City and Germany with the majority of his career working for the world’s oldest cabinet maker and a leader and innovator in luxury kitchens. Eric has had the privilege along the way to work with some of the most renowned designers including Jorge Pensi and Porsche Design Studio and even led the kitchen cabinet industry’s first luxury laboratory project for Novartis.

Nollie Design Studio has been founded to bring forth the merging of passions into central Ohio, the area’s first kitchen design studio to not only focus on quality cabinetry but to introduce a level of worldly design and aesthetic that aims to find that unique space between art and functionality. The ultimate goal is to bring out more than just the best use of space because after all, the kitchen is often the center of the home, where friends and family gather, where nourishment – an art in and of itself – is created, where ideas come to life and passions are discovered, it only makes sense that your kitchen should be the utmost expression of you.

Nollie Design Studio will move your kitchen well beyond expectations. Beyond basic cabinets we offer a true custom experience – cabinets that can be created to suit your taste and the overall look you desire, accessories available to ensure a work space that is easy to move through with function and flow that meet your demands and keep life moving forward, a design process that includes guidance in choosing the best appliances and countertops to fit your space, the look and function, that lend to ease of use and the beauty of your kitchen – an all encompassing experience from start to finish.