A Nollie Design Studio is a completely custom designed kitchen. As solo practitioner, Eric will handle all aspects of your kitchen design, from initial drafting, appliance selection and layout, on to deliveries and supervision of installation. There are many moving parts in every kitchen project. Nollie Design Studio is the red thread linking all aspects into an efficient collaboration creating a kitchen uniquely tailored for each individual.

We recommend that clients reach out at least 6 months prior to their start date, to allow adequate time to complete the design phase. Our cabinets are made to order. It takes time to procure the necessary parts and materials. If your project timeline is tighter, please feel free to reach out, but know that we may not be able to accommodate your schedule. If you are considering working with us, keep in mind that a typical Nollie Design Studio kitchen will start around $20K for cabinetry and design services only, so homeowners should budget for 80K+ (with minimal changes to the floor plan) for the entire renovation.   

The design process begins with assessment of your space and discussion about your vision both in form and function. We will either work off your architectural drawings, or Nollie Design Studio will personally  measure and draft your space. We start with a 3D rendering to help you visualize the aesthetics and flow of the cabinets and appliances within the room. We will work in your requested storage needs, design details, and family habits into the 3D digital model. In addition to the design a quote will be provided for the cabinetry. We will refine the plan until it feels right for you in all aspects from aesthetics to function to financially.